21 Maggio 2018
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WIREFRAMES is the name of the new music project created by Ania Dondalska (Torun, Poland) and Carlo Bucciarelli (Rome, Italy).
Centered on their common passion for electro and progressive trance sounds, the project sets on through the realization of a number of brand-new tracks, featuring a robust synthetic backbone with a definite up-tempo character.
Combining the strengths of live electronica and DJ performance the duo produces innovative music with non-polarized mindsets and a number of various sonic references.

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ZERO A.D. Andrea and Diego met back in 1995, sharing interest in alternative music, in particular, gothic music. For years they attended the same venues and the same concerts, both performing in different bands, Andrea on keyboards and Diego on bass guitar.
In 2001, together with their friend Libero, they decided to create the band Infieri, after having been inspired by bands such as The Cure, Depeche Mode, Clan Of Xymox and many others again. In April 2002 Infieri released "Only a dream", their first demo; it received good reviews on several fanzines and webzines.
In 2004, following an increasing interest in more modern electronic music, Andrea and Diego decided to create a new band in order to explore EBM/Futurepop sounds, many of which came from their new favorites such as VNV Nation, Assemblage 23, Icon Of Coil. 0AD was born as a fresh start, moving ahead without forgetting where it started from.

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